Neat Solutions® Table Topper®

A Little Sheet of Neat!

Our Table Topper® is the original, award winning, stick-in place disposable placemat! You will love our ECO-FRIENDLY disposable placemat. Our Table Topper® is designed to provide a clean, sanitary eating surface for the little ones while dining out.


Product description

Adhesive strips keep them securely in place on tables because we all know children love to throw their plates and paper placemats on the floor. Our engaging designs keep kids occupied so you can enjoy your meal, too!

A diaper bag essential for “On-the-Go” protection from germs, dirt & cleaning chemicals on restaurant and food court tables. Our Table Toppers are BPA-Free & PVC-Free. (12”x18”)

We've taken care of the NEAT, now go out and eat!

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